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Instagram is a goldmine for Marketing companies

Instagram is a goldmine for Marketing companies
One of the companies that makes this work is the Ditto Labs, which uses software that analyzes the logos that are present in a personal photograph, whether in clothing worn by photographed or in food, and in that context is that these marks were used.

Kraft Food Groups is one of the brands that uses the services of Ditto Labs, according to the Wall Street Journal. Kraft asks are analyzed photos on Instagram and on Tumblr to determine what people like to drink when they are eating and branded products like contented when they do. The Ditto Labs divides images into categories like food or favorite sports based on how they consume foods produced by Kraft.

There are still companies like Piqora, which stores images for months in their servers to show that at any given time was a trend or very popular. The Piqora, working in San Mateo, Calif., collects images into some sort of digital chart to help manufacturing companies of clothes or accessories, such as Fossil, to determine which of their products and competition are the most popular on the market.

Like other ideas of market analysis, the work these companies perform puts in question the control that each person has about his photographs and about the way in which they are used. This problem takes on an overwhelming scale when we know, for example, that via Instagram already have been shared 20 billion images and what a day its users put an average of 60 million.

Companies are investing into Instagram likes and followers to make their accounts look more popular


 Instagram likes and followers

The Vice President of the Group of lawyers that defends children’s privacy cases Common Sense Media, Joni Lupovitz, underlines the Wall Street Journal that, “just because a person was in a particular place or captured an image, this may not accept that this might be used to create an online profile”.

In turn, Jules Polonetsky, the director of the Future of Privacy Forum, an advocacy group founded by Facebook and other technology companies, warned at the same newspaper that users sharing sites images must “assume that companies analyze websites for market research when your photos are public”.

There are many websites where you can buy instagram followers at cheap prices. The founder of Ditto Labs, David Rose, admits that offers advertisers an efficient way to reach your target consumer on the basis of the photographs published in Twitter but States that most advertisers have been reluctant to do so, fearing the reaction of users whose images were used. David Rose believes that sharing sites images should better inform their users about the risks and provide them with the means to control how companies deal with the photographs.

Instagram, a favorite among young people


Instagram, a favorite among young people

Instagram, a favorite among young people

The purchase of Instagram by Facebook two years ago surprised. 740 million euros ($1 billion) for a service which only could upload photos after passing them through a filter. The time seems to have given the reason to Zuckberberg. While its main service loses more and more interest, Instagram has become the social network preferred by young people.

Piper Jaffray consultant has just published a report based on a survey to 5,000 adolescents in the United States in which evidence is the growth of the invention of Kevin Systrom. Gene Munster, director of the firm, excelled it the interest that they have in video games or brands such as Apple: “we have seen how in the last six months Instagram has risen from 27 to 30%, compared to Facebook which goes from 27 to 23%”. Only a year ago, this same study, put Facebook at 33%.

Instagram has 200 million monthly active users, although it still lacks a system of advertising or business model with some form of payment from advertisers, brands and customers.

Facebook is alleviating this loss of interest with the purchase of fashion companies. In February they bought WhatsApp, the leading messaging in Europe. Later, Oculus VR, whose maximum value is a prototype glasses that recreate a virtual reality.


Instagram photos to include advertising

instagram followers

The 150 million people who send photos or videos with Instagram will see in the coming months to start them off to get images with advertising. Application bought by Facebook a year ago has advised him on his own blog and announces that “we have big ideas for the future and one of them is make sustainable business”.

The first one is to insert advertising to the faithful. It will begin in the coming months in United States and “little by little”, as it prevents the company, aware of the controversy that will raise. And sells it as well: “We will start sending a small number of photos and videos, beautiful and high-quality brands that are already members of the community Instagram”.

The explanation is long, indicating that managers see coming protests. “Our team not only has built Instagram, also uses it every day and we want these ads as pleasant and creative in the same way that you see advertising of quality when you browse a magazine.”

The company warns that user will continue to have control of the mechanism and, of course, will “remain the owner of your photos and your videos. If you see an advertisement you do not like, you can hide it and tell us why you did not like.”

Instagram is the latest social network, although in this case it is an application of filters for images, which seeks to make the most of your traffic and users with advertising insertion, only way to get income since the application is free. Advertisers will spend this year on social networks 10 billion dollars, according to eMarketer. Global spending on mobile advertising will this year, according to the same source to 8.8 billion and Instagram (Facebook) you want to part of the cake. In fact, in the last quarter, 41% of revenues of Facebook came to him through mobile devices, when the previous quarter was 30%. As a result, the action of the social network is listed to their highest levels since it started in bag.

The last year, Facebook acquired Instagram billion dollars in cash, which was very surprised since the application, then with two years of life, had no income whatsoever, only traffic. Facebook will now draw party of it. Some users and even celebrities are getting more instagram followers by purchasing them online, this is prompting Instagram to crackdown on fake followers that are starting to plague the website with spam.

WhatsApp The new Social Network


WhatsApp The new Social Network

WhatsApp The new Social Network

Currently, WhatsApp has about 450 million active users. It is nearly half of the users of Facebook, and more than twice as many users of Twitter (215 million), but what matters is not what you have, but what can be achieved. WhatsApp is especially used in the United States, where it has much room for growth. In addition, beat records outside American territory. In countries like Spain, or Mexico, WhatsApp consumes a quarter of the total time spent with the mobile. It is the “new” social network.

Latin America is a market with a huge for WhatsApp potential, especially now that the decline of the Blackberry has driven millions of users to adopt WhatsApp new terminals Android.

But not only WhatsApp is the exponent of a growing market. It is the main example of a trend that worried much about inside Facebook: the leap of new generations to the mobile messaging as a substitute for traditional social networks. The age of Facebook users upload, and many teens don’t want to be in the same chat room where his parents are.

The next Facebook Messenger?


Both Facebook and WhatsApp have rushed to make clear that both platforms will remain separate. Whatsapp CEO has also assured that your application will remain free of advertising. It is hard to believe that Zuckerberg and Koum kept that promise, but will surely do so in the short and medium term. To the end and held Facebook has been slow in year and a half to announce advertising on Instagram, and even today it is by inserting it in defining to do not arouse the wrath of the user.

If you had to bet, we would also do it against an eventual fusion of inside Facebook Messenger Whatsapp. The first reason is that the messaging platform does not reach you to Whatsapp shoes height in popularity. The second reason is that they there earlier. Instagram remains Instagram when it could have been integrated into images of Facebook platform. The social network even seems to give signs of wanting to break your own kernel with the presentation of Paper, your newsreader with integrated social updates.
WhatsApp comes to join in this collection of applications with a single common goal: keep the traffic and users within the same gigantic theme park unless it is very clear for them. People wary of big corporations, and that the growth path of Facebook bets on a decentralized image. And if that means separating the social network applications of different name and appearance to suit everyone, welcome.

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